All our pupils have an Educational Health Care Plan, EHCP. We are fully aware of the impact that barriers and access to education can have on the achievement of some pupils. The curriculum, therefore, works to provide all pupils with the opportunity to engage with a broad range of academic and practical subjects in a purposeful programme that:

  • Fosters an aspirational culture.
  • Considers fully individual pupil strengths and needs.
  • Gives pupils the opportunity to develop self-belief and experience success.
  • Aims to raise overall standards of achievement regardless of pupils’ starting point.
  • Promotes the acquisition of good behaviours and attitudes.
  • Enables pupils to live safe and happy lives.
  • Encourages pupils to be outward-looking and enriched by the wider community, whether local, national, or global.


English, Maths, Science, Art, Spanish, History, Health Education (Relationships and Sex Education, Personal Social Health Education), Sports/PE.

For pupils whose reading age is behind their chronological age, additional support is also provided through an intervention programme that includes Speech and Language support and extra English lessons where appropriate.

KEY STAGE 4 – YEARS 10 -11

In Years 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to study subjects up to GCSE level. The common core curriculum studied by all pupils includes:

  • English Language and/or Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Single/Double Award Science
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education (Relationship and Sex Education, Personal, Social and Health Education)
  • Careers

Students are offered NCFE accreditation, Entry Level, Functional Skills Level, BTEC and GCSE choices from a broad range of subjects to ensure that pupils are able to achieve at any stage of their learning journey. These include GCSE and equivalent and applied vocational subjects: Art, Spanish, History and PE. We will look to add subjects relevant to specific pupils’ ongoing progress.

Consequently, we devote time and energy to providing good guidance to all pupils and their families. The aim is to ensure that students are challenged academically and motivated by their choices, studying subjects that are likely to ensure long-term success.   

KEY STAGE 5 – YEARS 12 -14

In Years 12, 13 and 14, pupils have the opportunity to review and continue with A Level, GCSE, BTEC and other accredited subjects specific to the learning pathway specific to each young person alongside Health Education and their Career plan.

Pupils are given the opportunity to study a core curriculum of Mathematics, English, and Science (and a Modern Language where appropriate) upon joining Edith Kay. Quite deliberately, the school chooses to maintain a broad academic curriculum to support pupil progression to Post 16+, A Level. There are no predetermined “Option Bands” as our pupils join the school with individually discussed pathways. Pupils work with a clear understanding of the complexities and demands of the professions they are considering and the expectations that are intrinsic in the design and delivery of the curriculum. The school, however, always aims to run any course where there is sufficient demand.

A Levels available in 2023-2024 are:

  • History
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • English Language


Enriched Curriculum Days and the Tutorial Programme

Enriched learning, alongside the school timetable, takes place at regular times in the year. The school encourages all pupils to use the local gym. There is a termly outing for the whole school, which pupils actively research and organise with the key coordinators. Staff members also organise educational trips such as the Imperial War Museum. Pupils regularly volunteer for a local charity, helping in the charity’s foodbank and community garden. Wembley Stadium (Education Hub) offers the school community a well-developed programme that enriches and broadens pupil learning experience, enabling pupils to develop key life skills and enhance learning in a range of issues.  Examples of topics covered include:

  • Staying safe, including online safety and drug and alcohol awareness
  • Developing greater resilience and a Growth Mindset attitude
  • Aspects of key values
  • Study skills
  • Healthy living, including mental health, wellbeing
  • Bullying
  • Career planning
  • Tour of Wembley Stadium



Subjects we offer

Who is Edith Kay

Edith and Kay were an ordinary couple who are representative of all those who devote their lives to taking care of vulnerable children, fostering them and welcoming them warmly into their family home. Over many years, Edith and Kay worked to promote resilience in vulnerable young people, and to instil the values of compassion and generosity of spirit. Their deep-seated belief in the power of education and care to transform lives underpins the ethos of our school.
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