A Level Politics


To further develop students’ skills, knowledge and confidence in order to enable them to develop an in-depth understanding of UK Government and Politics and be able to apply the knowledge in an academic and life context.

To develop students’ reading, analysis, and writing skills so that they can successfully undertake Paper 1 (UK Government and Politics) and Paper 2 (US Government and Politics) and Paper 3 (Political Ideas) as part of the AQA Politics A-Level specification.

  • The content for Paper 1 will be completed early in the Summer Term of Year 1, at which point students move onto the content for Paper 2 before the end of the year. Students will complete the content for Paper 2 in the first half of Year 2. Paper 3 will be taught during the Spring Term of Year 2.

Students will be taught the content in a structured way that is intended to reflect the specification laid out by AQA. In the curriculum development plan for the Politics department, the links to AQA’s recommended Scheme of Work will be clearly cited. Throughout the course, students will read, write, and analyse the content. In doing so, students will familiarise themselves with subject-specific vocabulary and key ideas in political science.


Government and Politics of the UK is divided into ten sections. Each has a particular focus, but their interrelationships must be understood to appreciate the complexities of the system. Students will study each of the prescribed sections throughout Term 1, Term 2, and will complete the unit early in Term 3. Until the end of the year, students will study the Government and politics of the USA, which is divided into eight sections. Students will finish the year studying the executive branch of the USA, picking up the study from September 2024.

Teaching will be delivered as a series of teacher-led and student-led sequences that will enable students to expand and entrench their knowledge. In each instance, students’ progress will be assessed and monitored through a series of formative and summative assessments. Throughout the course, students will regularly be expected to undertake practice questions like those that will be found in their exam. These questions and their overall progress will be monitored by the teacher throughout the year and recorded appropriately.


Students will develop a mature grasp of the key and foundational concepts in political science and will use these concepts to develop an in-depth understanding of the British and American systems of government. If appropriate, students will be able to move towards a higher education course in Political Science.

Who is Edith Kay

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