Up-to-Date Pupil and Family Information

If your child is currently a pupil at Edith Kay School, it is essential that you keep the school up-to-date with all contact details relating to your child.  Please download and complete the following form to notify the school if anything details change, for example:

  • new address
  • new telephone/mobile number
  • new email address
  • new dietary needs, allergies or intolerances
  • new doctor name/address/telephone number
  • new medical professional name/address/telephone number

Please send the completed form to admin@edithkayschool.com

Student & Family Information Form & Permissions Form


Who is Edith Kay

Edith and Kay were an ordinary couple who are representative of all those who devote their lives to taking care of vulnerable children, fostering them and welcoming them warmly into their family home. Over many years, Edith and Kay worked to promote resilience in vulnerable young people, and to instil the values of compassion and generosity of spirit. Their deep-seated belief in the power of education and care to transform lives underpins the ethos of our school.
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