Our 4 pathways

Pathway 1

The Whole School Journey (Yr. 10 – Yr. 14)

A learner with an EHCP joins Edith Kay School in Year 10, often following a difficult phase in mainstream education. The learner progresses through the school and upper school programmes, leaving at the end of Year 14 with a range of skills and qualifications, including GCSE’s and A Levels (where appropriate). He or she is fully prepared, by the end of schooling at Edith Kay School, to go on to further education, undertake an apprenticeship or enter into the world of work.

Pathway 2

The One or Two Year Journey

A learner with an EHCP can join Edith Kay School at any time between Year 10 and Year 14 and will follow a one or two year journey. By the end of their tailored programme they may:
Return to their original school, for example re-joining the 6th form with the skills and competencies they were lacking prior to enrolment or;
go on to further education, undertake an apprenticeship or enter into the world of work.

Pathway 3

The Respite Journey

A learner with an EHCP can join the Edith Kay School at any time following challenging circumstances personally or at their host school. The respite journey lasts for a minimum of one term but can last as long as is appropriate for the student. The primary goal of Pathway 3, is to return the young person to their host school fully prepared to re-engage with the learning process and continue their education on that site. Explicit work will be done with the young person and outreach support will be offered to the host school to facilitate a smooth return.

Pathway 4

The Transitional Journey (Incorporating Home Learning)

For some learners at Edith Kay School, a transitional package incorporating home tuition and family support is most appropriate. The goal is to eventually prepare the young person for a return to a school or college environment when they are emotionally and educationally ready. This pathway is highly personalised. Guidance from the home LEA, the young person and the family will determine the exact approach and support package that is recommended for the young person. All tutors despatched to the home context are fully vetted and are subject to an enhanced DBS check.

Who is Edith Kay

Edith and Kay were an ordinary couple who are representative of all those who devote their lives to taking care of vulnerable children, fostering them and welcoming them warmly into their family home. Over many years, Edith and Kay worked to promote resilience in vulnerable young people, and to instil the values of compassion and generosity of spirit. Their deep-seated belief in the power of education and care to transform lives underpins the ethos of our school.
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