The Learning Zone at Wembley Stadium

The students at Edith Kay School are participating in a bespoke programme at The Learning Zone at Wembley Stadium.  Jointly funded by Brent Council and Wembley Stadium, The Learning Zone offers schools and the local community an opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of Wembley Stadium. A wide-ranging variety of cross-curricular workshops have been arranged to maximise our students’ engagement, participation and learning; including developing positive attitudes towards learning, increasing self-esteem and achieving their educational potential, using sport, entertainment and local history as a stimulus.

A recent workshop at The Learning Zone at Wembley Stadium was about Icons, Heroes and Heroines.  Here’s what some of the students wrote on this theme and some photos of the day:




Activities for Young People over the December 2022 Holiday

Many local authorities are organising activities for young people during the December 2022 school holiday.  Take a look at the links below to see what events your local authority is putting on:

London Borough of Brent:

London Borough of Harrow:

London Borough of Hillingdon:

West Berkshire Council:

London Borough of Barnet:

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham:

London Borough of Hounslow:



In May 2022 a Trainee Maths Teacher from Greenwich University was placed at Edith Kay School for a day.  All the staff were very happy to welcome him to the school.  This is the feedback he gave us:

 “A member of the Senior Team introduced me to the staff when I arrived and gave me a tour of the School. Even though it is a small School, the atmosphere is pleasant and the students are happy. There is an air of positivity and I felt welcomed. 

The Head Teacher, Karen, is originally from Ireland as I mentioned and we conversed in Irish (Gaelic)!

Classroom sizes are small, and there are only 2-3 students max per class. Students receive a lot of one-to-one support. 

I observed lessons in Science, Art and Maths. I also went to the small park across from the school with the Art Teacher and a Student. The Art Teacher said something to me that I will always remember. He said that “SEN is all about relationships”. This resonated with me, and I think it is quite profound. It showed clearly in the school that there is a great relationship between the staff and students. 

At the end of the day, I was invited to partake in the Staff Briefing, which was a very nice touch by Karen and made me feel even more welcome. The staff are so precise with their understanding of the student’s needs and how to cater for them. It was very impressive to see this, and made me realise how I need to learn a lot more about SEN. Karen led the Meeting, and it was inspiring to hear and see. The staff know exactly what the students are experiencing, and there is a collaborative effort in addressing any concerns, especially with the Exams coming up. 

I will definitely be keeping in touch with Karen, and I was invited to attend the school at any time in the future also. Overall, a lovely day and I learnt a lot about handling SEN students, their needs and behaviours.”